Danielle Lo

Jewellery | Object


Danielle Lo is an emerging contemporary jeweller from Sydney.


Danielle’s work explores the playful use colour using a self-taught technique enamelling. Together with enamelling and simple forms, she creates unique pieces adding delicate details and textures. Due to the application of enamelling being unpredictable, this makes each piece unique and individual. Danielle predominantly works in silver and gold to carefully handcraft each piece. Danielle has also developed a small limited run collection stocked at various locations in Australia and are all made by hand.


Upon finishing her Advance Diploma in Jewellery and Objects at Enmore Design Centre, Danielle went on to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Jewellery and Object) at Sydney College of Arts (2016). Currently Danielle is an associate at the JamFactory in the Metal and Jewellery Design Studio.


“I am intrigued by the approach of minimalist design and the style of painting used by Impressionist artworks. I aim to create work that brings both styles together in a modern manner. Making wearables that will become timeless and can be passed down from one generation to another.”